Windows and Doors as Magnificent as the Views Seen Through Them

When crafting a special home in a special place, windows and doors are the key to an inspired design. Whether framing high mountain peaks, forested hillsides, a verdant valley, or the shores of a pristine lake or river, the expertise and products of Montana Sash & Door ensure homeowners, architects and builders that homage to the natural environment is achieved.

Montana Sash & Door showrooms are in the heart of the most beautiful places in the northern Rockies. Some call it God’s Country, and who are we to argue? We live and work here for the same reason the best architects and builders do. We love this landscape and honor the environment with the homes we help create.

No longer rough trapper cabins and logging camps of old, today’s Northwest residences are masterpieces of design, materials, construction and location. Whether inspired by rugged mountains, sprawling ranches, or the best contemporary design, our windows and doors bring the essence of place to each client’s home.

Nature Can’t Be Replicated. Neither Can the Essence of Your Home.

When you can live your life — or just parts of it — on Flathead Lake, in Jackson Hole, looking up at the Beartooth Mountains or overlooking Lake Coeur d’Alene, you are fortunate indeed. We’re here to extend that good fortune by ensuring that your home is as magnificent as its location.

After deciding on an architect to translate your residence dream to reality, the decision of which windows and doors to select becomes easy. Especially with the highly experienced, insightful team and products of Montana Sash & Door.

These incredible landscapes are in our hearts and we’re here to bring them into yours.